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Navtech, acquired by Airbus, is now re-branded as NAVBLUE an Airbus Company. Please see www.navblue.aero.

This site will continue to provide product downloads to registered users. Please use the "Downloads" pull down and select the products you are interested in.

!!!!! Important Notice !!!!!

Dear NAVBLUE Navigation+ customer,

We are pleased to inform you that a new web portal for our Navigation Databases delivery and Navigation Bulletins
has been deployed on March 1st 2022.

Navigation Database and Navigation Bulletins for AIRAC Cycle 2203 will be made available on the new web portal: https://delivery.navblue.aero

The databases and bulletins for Cycle 2203 will also continue to be available on the current portal.
For Cycle 2204, databases and bulletins will only be available on the new web portal.

You need to activate your account by going to the new web portal and clicking on the “forgot your password” link to receive your password.
You can find the user guide in the link given below, that will help you to get familiar with this new customer portal.

Should your account be not active or should you have any feedback or suggestions, please raise a ticket on the Navigation+ support portal
or contact navdatasupport@navblue.aero.

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